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Microwave Materialogy Mobilelab

Product Detail

Main Applications:

It ismainly used to the preparation, sintering, smelting, metallurgy, heattreatment, ashing, digestion, puffing, chemical synthesis, catalytic synthesis,testing & analysis (tensile, dynamic, thermal, or other online analysis,etc.), of various materials including metals under different external conditions.

Product Characteristics:

l   Multifunction:It contains thefollowing 12 functional modules. All the functional modules can be integratedtogether into a microwave materialogymobilelab for multifunctional use, and can also be custom assembled into anindependent instrument for some specialized use.

l   WorldOriginalities:
(1)One mobilelab is multi-purpose (also used astraditional heating equipment), it is powerful!

(2)Exclusive development of microwave fieldtemperature sensors(>1200℃) in domestic and foreign, succeeded insolving some difficult problems of running temperature, poor stability, and temperaturemeasuring failure resulted from the interfered temperature measurement of microwave,thus avoiding   two major defects of infraredtemperature measurement.

l   SuperEnergy Saving: its heating speed is more than 20 times of that ofsilicon molybdenum/silicon carbide rods. Energy saving up to 20 times!

l   Safeand reliable: Adopting four levels of protection measures includingelectromagnetic lock protection, stroke switch, microwave energy suppressor,built-in equivalent microwave leakage sensor.

Basic Parameters:



Microwave Characteristics

Frequency: 2450MHz220V);Power4KWadjustable

Sample requirement

nonflammable and nonexplosive materials, including metals and alloys.

Three heating modes

pure microwave heating mode,   traditional electric heating mode, and mixed heating mode (the mixing of   microwave and traditional electric heating)

Temperature control system

touch screen intelligent control;   heating/cooling rate can be controlled by a programmable and sectional way.

Temperature measurement mode

exclusive microwave field temperature   sensor

Temperature control accuracy

±1℃   (below 1200℃)/±2℃   (above 1200℃)

Microwave leakage /mw/cm2

< 0.4


100 cm ´72cm ´80cm


High temperature gloves ´1

Warranty period

Free warranty for one year

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