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Multifunctional CVD System

Product Detail



Microwave   characteristics

2450MHz220V);power4KWstepless   adjustable

Resonant   chamber

304 stainless steel resonant chamber & special   waveguide to avoid electron back bombardment

Four heating modes

pure   microwave heating, traditional electric heating, mixed heating, and microwave   plasma.

Double   heating chambers

Upper plasma/heating chamber, lower sample stage   heating chamber

Sample   chamber materials

quartz tubesuitable   for microwave plasma working mode

quartz tube or & corundum   tube: suitable for pure microwave, traditional electric heating and mixed   heating working modes

Diameter of sample chamber tube   / mm

Diameter of quartz tube (1100℃):Φ45mm, Φ60mm, orΦ100 mm, optional.

Diameter of corundum tube (1500℃):Φ45mm, Φ60mm, optional.

Length of sample chamber

100~300mm,   optional

Maximum   working temperature of sample stage

Room temperature~1100℃, higher temperatures are optional.

Temperature control accuracy (temperature fluctuations): ±1℃, touch screen control

Maximum   heating rate

<200℃/min (except microwave plasma operation   mode), programmed automatic control

Mass flow controller

2 sets,   standard Qixinghuachuang flow controller (post vacuum protection valve);   precision: 0.8%; maximum pressure: 1MPa; control response time: 10ms; gas   type optional;computer and control software; Built in & real time   display & Saving & calling of growth parameters.

Super-clean vacuum   unit

100Pa level, vortex pump+ digital vacuum gauge, optional

10-3Pa level, vortex pump+ molecular pump +compound vacuum   gauge, optional

Gas   inlets

304 stainless steel KF50 flange   & ports, inlets/outlets reserved for inflating of a variety of gas, gas   circuit & gas cabinet & all kinds of valves.

Structure   of model

Horizontal   structure: gas flow direction is parallel to the sample surface on sample   stage

Structure of model

Vertical   structure: gas flow direction is perpendicular to the sample surface on   sample stage


This instrument can be used as traditional   CVD equipment, microwave energy CVD equipment as well as microwave plasma CVD   system. Thus, it can be used for the growth of various functional films such   as graphene, diamond, various semiconducting films, magnetic films, etc.


Model Ⅰ CVD system


molecular pump


Model Ⅱ CVD system

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