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Anti-Gravity Centrifugal Microwave Metallurgy Furnace

Product Detail



Microwave characteristics


Working temperature

1500℃ / ±2

Rotation   speed

Standard:   0~1000r /min, higher speed is optional

Temp. control system

Intelligent programmable control by touch   screen

Temp.   measurement mode

M1500   microwave field temperature sensor

Heating zone size

Φ180´100mm, heat-resistant crucible/ 1 set

Resonant   chamber &

rotating   waveguide

Thickened   resonant chamber of stainless steel: 1 set. Enhancement type rotating   waveguide frame: 1 set.

Vacuum unit & gas

Optionalsee“Main accessories”,   attached

Other structural components

Microwave shielding structure of the   sensor and conductive slip ring: 1 set. High speed heat-resistant   microwave-shielding positioning bearing: 1 set.


The heating chamber   has uniform temperature, so it is suitable for high temperature rotary   sintering & synthesis of materials, and high-speed centrifugation &   purification of high temperature melts such as metals or ores.

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