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Multi-Modes Microwave Synthesis & Sintering & Metallurgy System

Product Detail



Microwave   characteristics


Four heating modes

pure microwave   heating, traditional electric heating, mixed heating, and microwave plasma.

Three   heating chambers

different heating chambers with different heating   modes

Working   temperature

1500±1/±2touch screen   intelligent control

Heating zone size /mm

Φ45~Φ100   ´ 120standard   Φ45),adjustable

Hermetical structure

Φ45mm   corundum tubestandard);Φ100mm   quartz tube, larger diameter is optional

Electric lifting device of sample stage

One same sample can be heated by using the above four different   heating modes during the different stages of the same processing.

Vacuum   unit & gas

Optionalsee“Main   accessories”, attached

Collection device

Inlets of   reaction gas and outlets for volatiles collection are reserved, and can be   directly assembled with multi-stage water cooling tanks to collect target   products.


Microwave synthesis,   sintering, and microwave metallurgy of all kinds of materials under different   heating modes.

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